Digitize my master study

I started my master’s degree in Aalto University Machine Learning and Data Mining programme in 2017 autumn. It has been an extremely overwhelming journey with many days of studying late night at the school lab with peer students. Nonetheless, I’ve been learning many intriguing stuffs and I’m very happy about my decision and grateful for this opportunity given to me.

I believe this experience will be the very core foundation of my intellect and skills in my career and life that I want to carry it on with my throughout my life. I DO NOT want to forget Bayesian Network two weeks after my exam. I have fairly detailed notebooks but books disappear and it’s painful to search from them.

So I decided to digitize my master studies! I named it Computer Scientist’s Cheatsheet. Vast amount of its material is something I read somewhere and I’d put some of my own notes there. It takes more time to write Latex than on paper but to my surprise, you comprehend better while you write equation slowly. I also found out that making notes which could be read by anyone on the Internet forces me to understand the subjects better because I want to sound reasonable.

cs-cheatsheet is hosted on Readthedocs which is a free platform, and it’s as easy as making a Github page like this site. If you want to make your own digital notebook feel free to fork it!

Labor omnia vincit!