Hi! I’m a master student at Aalto University in Helsinki Finland. I major in Computer Vision because I have a great passion for the field where the abstract bits and bytes and our physical world fuse into a single universe. I was introduced to Computer Vision while I was working on my bachelor thesis, Capturing and Visualizing 3D Models of Indoor Environments. under professor Juho Kannala. Currently I work as a research assistant at Aalto University under professor Yu Xiao for a Mixed Reality project using Microsoft HoloLens. My topic is to compare different spatial mapping technologies such as SfM and SLAM.

For 99% of the human population, it will be easier if I just show you what I did one afternoon:

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Last summer, I made an iOS indoor map app, TangoAalto, which was based on point cloud data my team collected using Google Tango. It was an eye-opening experience to try computer vision myself and you can read more about my app in this blog post.

If you could say that you were born again when you finish your first line of code:

print("Hello, World!")

you could say that I was born as a Pythonista. Python was my very first programming language and it is still one of my favorite programming languages along with Swift. I and Python have had an amazing journey together. With Python, I’ve made some simple stuffs like a classic Asteroid game, IRC server/client

and Django web apps


or something more cool like an embedded sound analysis system on Raspberry Pi which I made while working at a startup, 720.

I have a strong hacker mind. Whenever I find a task that could be solved with a technology and could enhance my life, I try to hack things. That includes my Raspberry Pi security camera in my apartment, a simple Python script for printing papers or web scrapers. This is not only fun to make something with your own hands but it also helps me to understand about problem solving and product development.

Visionary Product Developer & Responsible leader

I truly enjoy developing products and taking the initiative to solve problems. That’s why I chose Aaltonaut, an Interdisciplinary Product Development program, as my bachelor minor. During my time in Aaltonaut I had great opportunities to work with skillful students with different disciplines: design, business and engineering. Thanks to Aaltonaut, I learned how to work in interdisciplinary environments, to create synergies together based on different perspectives and to lead them with clear vision so we stay focused and succeed. As a result, my teams won in all three competitive Aaltonaut courses. Here’s one of my projects for the course, Product Analysis, which won a gala.

As a director of the project, I divided and distributed work load to team members. I believe it is crucial that a leader is involved in every process of a project when a project size is small because the leader can make decisions faster and other members can save the time and efforts. Therefore together with my team members, I wrote the script, scheduled studio sessions for shooting and post-production, filmed and edited.

Goal: Computer Vision Expert with entrepreneur mindset.

Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be able to change the world. That is why I spent many days and nights working hard on my studies and hobby projects. I believe that if you really like what you do and do it hard, you could make great accomplishments. I am very passionate about what I do, computer vision, and I do believe that will be the foundational technology of many future technologies that will come in next decades. During my studies at Aalto I made a good foundation for my technological knowledge and skills and also built meaningful interdisciplinary network. I’m very thrilled to use my assets earned from Aalto to change the world.


Did I sound like too much of a nerd? Yes I’m a nerd and you shouldn’t be scared of me because nerds are the new cool! Look at Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or… ME!!! I don’t sit all day in front of a computer staring at IRC channels. I’m a fun human being! I enjoy making experimental pizzas, throwing house parties, reading history books, drawing, going to concerts, swimming and all sorts of stuff that you would normally do. And I also organize intriguing events for students such as an excursion to EasyAntiCheat. So send me an email if you have something to say Ciao!


Yes, that's me at Hudson River Park Trapeze School. Nerd is the new cool!