Digitize my master study

University life is priceless. Make it timeless.

Pragma iOS conference 2016

A quick summary of my very first iOS conference trip.

Updating UI in iOS

setNeedsDisplay vs. displayIfNeeded vs. setNeedsLayout vs. layoutIfNeeded

TangoAalto(Aalto University indoor map app) demo

Here's what I had been doing during the summer 2016!

Hitchhiker's guide to floor plan digitalization

Create a geoJSON file from a floor plan image using QGIS. Learn by watching videos!

iOS app startup time optimization

Less Libraries and More Swift – A summary note of WWDC 2016 talk "Optimizing App Startup Time".

Hole within polygon in Mapbox iOS SDK

Mapbox iOS SDK v3.3.1 now supports holes in simple polygons

F-Secure KEY PW Manager

Anonymous encrypted data on server, accessible only on devices. Practically the most secure solution but great security comes with little lack of features.