Jupyter Notebook FAQ

Shortcuts, work style of Jupyter Notebook.

Computer Graphics Cheatsheet

Personal note about CG course at Aalto Univ.

Bayesian Cheatsheet

Personal note about Bayesian Data Analysis

My Reading List(ongoing)

Interesting things I read

Pragma iOS conference 2016

A quick summary of my very first iOS conference trip.

Updating UI in iOS

setNeedsDisplay vs. displayIfNeeded vs. setNeedsLayout vs. layoutIfNeeded

TangoAalto(Aalto University indoor map app) demo

Here's what I had been doing during the summer 2016!

iOS security readings and videos

All about iOS security

Hitchhiker's guide to floor plan digitalization

Create a geoJSON file from a floor plan image using QGIS. Learn by watching videos!

iOS app startup time optimization

Less Libraries and More Swift – A summary note of WWDC 2016 talk "Optimizing App Startup Time".